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My artwork is created in thin layers. By layering various materials I can manipulate light through diffusing, diffracting, refracting and reflecting existing light through as many as eight layers of materials. The use of metals, plastic, glass, gold, silver, fabric, paper, wax and pigment in various combinations create a kaleidoscope like play of light attaining a visual depth far deeper than what is physically possible within the confines of the frame. I work spontaneously with no patterns or set number of layers. Each piece is an original work of art.

Process & Information for Framed Art


Over time the mat may lighten. If this bothers you, you can take the piece to any good framer and have a new mat cut. The cutting dimensions are on the back of the current mat.

On first glance you may think my work is unsigned. My permanent signature and date is actually next to the artwork, UNDER the mat. A temporary signature and date is on the backing material of each piece. By not having a visible signature on the front of each piece I allow you the option of hanging the piece vertically or horizontally without a visible signature proclaiming you are hanging it the wrong way!

Eagle Ridge Art by Carol Nelson

Process - Gallery 1.

Gallery 1- Framed Art

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